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If you’ve been paying close attention lately you’ll know that the “Internet of Things” has become one of the technology industry’s biggest buzz phrases. It’s not hard to figure why. The internet has been around for the last twenty years and it has truly revolutionized our lives, the way we work, and how we interact. Consider the transformations in business, commerce, culture, education, politics, and more. But experts are saying we haven’t seen anything yet. If you haven’t read the recent Digital Life in 2025 report it’s well worth your time. One of the major outcomes of this research predicts that within 10 years the internet will become “an ambient information environment where accessing the Internet will be effortless and most people will tap into it so easily it will flow through their lives ‘like electricity.’ The essence of Internet of Things is the linking ... (more)

What Is Cloud Computing Exactly?

I take for granted that many folks really understand what "Cloud Computing" is. Speaking at different events and talking with clients in the fitness, wellness, franchising and other industries, I've recently become more aware that many don't truly understand what the term "Cloud Computing" means. Its really important for people in any organization to graps the concept of the "Cloud" because it is going to touch everything in our lives and organizations, if it hasn't already started to. Catch up on the basics with this video which is an excellent and short explaination of how Virtualization, Utility Computer and Software as a Service are converging to make Cloud Computing an important aspect of the world today. ... (more)

Fitness Industry Should Pay Attention to Changing Bookstore Biz Model

I am reading Jeff Trachtenberg's article in the WSJ this morning titled "E-Books Rewrite Bookselling". The article includes an important quote from Arthur Klebanoff, who is chief executive of New York-based RosettaBooks LLC, an e-book publisher. Arthur says "It's fair to say that the leadership folks at the major trade publishers didn't believe until very recently that e-books had any economic life in them." The important words here are "VERY recently". I write and lecture about radical change happening in business today with a particular emphasis on the fitness and wellness industry. What I attempt to share with leaders and organizations is that the rate of change is exponential, not linear as many of us assume. Jeff's article on how the E-Book business is revolutionizing bookselling illustrates the circumstances all business models are facing TODAY. The problem for... (more)

Mobile Expert Interview Series: Sybase's Bryan Whitmarsh

This morning I was able to catch up with SAP Mentor Bryan Whitmarsh for an interview.  I conducted a video interview with Bryan last year at Sapphire which you can watch here.  Bryan works for Sybase's product management team and reports to Tony Kueh, who I interviewed last week.  Bryan lives in Boise, Idaho (also my fair city), which he has called home since 1992, when he moved here from the Seattle area. Note: These are not Bryan's exact words, rather my notes from our interview. Kevin:  What is your role and area of responsibility at Sybase? Bryan: My title is Mobility Product Management.  Last year I was focused on mobile email, but this year I am working with the platform team on SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform).  It is my job to interpret the market, meet with customers, communicate the road map, both internally and externally, define product requirements and help ma... (more)

Facebook's $1 Billion Acquisition of Instagram - How Does Fitness Relate?

I know, I know...I can almost read the minds of some of the folks who will read this article. "Gee Bryan, give it up already with this creative disruption stuff....Picture taking has nothing to do with the health club or fitness industry. Enough !" OK, I'll try not to beat the "dead horse" of disruption too hard again, be it with examples of Best Buy, Sears, or Borders Books. In this case, however, I could not help but serve up the interesting tale of Kodak and Instagram in light of Facebook's announcement that they'll acquire the Instagram business for $1 billion dollars. I thought an article by Lance Ulanoff titled, "Does Instagram Owe Kodak A Billion Dollar Thanks?", included some pretty remarkable insights that can apply to the health club and fitness space today. Here's a slice of Mr. Ulanoff's observations: As Kodak works its way out of Chapter 11, it’s obvious... (more)

Power Outages; Flame and Stuxnet; Recorded Future and More

CTOvision, CTOlabs and the tech consultancy behind them Crucial Point LLC are all run out of the Washington DC area. We seek global views of technology but this region is definitely our base and we have  a very high percentage of readers in the local ecosystem. For those of you here, you know the biggest tech story right now is not the latest software or hardware or tech concept or even our favorite Big Data topic but something that has impacted humanity from our very existence, the weather. The weather has had an absolutely huge impact on our tech these last few days. Some views on its impact were provided in Quick Lessons Learned From Massive Regional Power Outages. Last month, we continued to bring you daily federal cybersecurity and information technology news, also posted on FedCyber. One of the biggest stories of this month was that Flame and Stuxnet were con... (more)

MaaS applied to Healthcare – Use Case Practice

MaaS (Model as a Service) might allow building and controlling shared healthcare Cloud-ready data, affording agile data design, economies of scale and maintaining a trusted environment and scaling security. With MaaS, models map infrastructure and allow controlling persistent storage and deployment audit in order to certify th at data are coherent and remain linked to specific storage. As a consequence, models allow to check where data is deployed and stored. MaaS can play a crucial role in supplying services in healthcare: the model containing infrastructure properties includes information to classify the on-premise data Cloud service in terms of data security, coherence, outage, availability, geo-location and to secure an assisted service deployment and virtualization. Introduction Municipalities are opening new exchange information with healthcare institutes. Th... (more)

TransAmerica Training Management Keeps the Season Alive in The New Year and Donates Big to the YMCA of Greater Miami

Coral Gables, FL, January 10, 2013 --( Miami-based TransAmerica Training Management, known for its excellence in business, reminds everyone that even in the new year you can continue the spirit of giving. TAM Training may offer software training and be one of 200 Oracle Training Certified Facilities in the US but this new year they are giving back to the communities they serve by donating much needed computer tables and chairs to the YMCA of Greater Miami. The in-kind donation is estimated to be worth over $6,000. “The YMCA is a wonderful organization that provides so many invaluable services including educational programs for children. We believe that helping these educational programs continue is vital,” commented Gabriel Albelo, President of TAM Training. TransAmerica Training Management has established a great partnership with the YMCA of Greater Miami ... (more)

Field Mobility News Weekly – Week of January 13, 2013

The Field Mobility News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news and articles related to field mobility that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting information that reflects market data and trends. Also read Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly Also read M2M News Weekly Also read Kevin Benedict’s What’s New in HTML5 Also read Mobile Commerce News Weekly Also read Mobile Health News Weekly Also read Mobility News Weekly Also read SMAC News Weekly EarthSearch Communications International has launched a new proprietary RFID/GPS software platform, the Customs Agencies and Revenue Authority Software, designed specifically for customs agencies and revenue authorities.  Read Original Content Stanley Healthcare Solutions and GetWellNetwork Inc. have teamed up to offer hospitals a solution utilizing RFID tags to display information to patient... (more)

Devigi Fashion Line Creator Declares Changing Weather Demands Versatile Fitness Apparel, Shares Tips on What to Look For in Spring Workout Wear

ROSLYN, Pa., March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Now that spring has sprung, it's time to re-energize New Year's fitness resolutions. Whether it be taking it outdoors or exploring new routines at the gym, changing it up provides the breath of fresh air that keeps people motivated to get into bathing-suit shape. As you modify your workouts, Devigi's fitness apparel should accommodate your needs so that you remain inspired to achieve your individual fitness goals. Nadine Gelberg, Ph.D., creator of Devigi, a new line of flattering fitness apparel understands that workout wear is an integral part of any successful exercise regimen. "Nothing motivates or is more confidence building than knowing we look and feel good in our clothing. There is no reason workout clothes should make us self-conscious by emphasizing unwanted curves," she said. "As we transition to spring, find ap... (more)

TechViews: What you should know before signing with a cloud provider, Global cloud traffic expected to grow 35% annually, Big Data transforming marketing and more!

TechViews: What you should know before signing with a cloud provider, Global cloud traffic expected to grow 35% annually, Big Data transforming marketing and more! Gartner: How CIOs Can Show Support for Customer Experience Initiatives by Reprioritizing IT Projects* Customer experience initiatives are becoming increasingly popular and, as a result, increasingly demanded by C-level executives and board directors. Customer experience is viewed as a long-term strategic differentiator for businesses, and if organizations are going to be serious about it, they need to reprioritize future IT project investments. In this report, Gartner provides recommendations to organizations wishing to better support these customer experience initiatives. Read this complimentary industry report to learn more about how you can reprioritize IT projects to make time for customer experience ... (more)